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Chew Bone, 25 cm, Roll Shape, 4 Pieces

80 EGP
Product Description
- Cleans teeth - Reduces plaque and advances tartar build-up - Satisfies a dog's natural chewing instinct - Hours of chewing fun with no leftovers - Only 2% fat - No artificial colors or flavor enhancers
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Products specifications
Product Description
  • Made from 100% beef and basted in a natural , Castor & Pollux's chew bone provides a delicious way to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean.
  • chew bone is also a great solution for aggressive chewers, or puppies that are inclined to chew on shoes, furniture, or anything they can find.
  • Plus, they make great fetch toys! All of Castor & Pollux's rawhide is made from start to finish.
  • All natural delicious 100%
    A delicious way to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean
    Great solution for aggressive chewers or puppies that are inclined to chew
    Make wonderful fetch toys
  • Cautions
    Please supervise your dog while they chew this chew bone. Swallowing large pieces can be harmful. Not for human consumption. Coating is water-soluble and may stain indoor material. Wash hands with warm water and soap after handling.

Why give your dog rawhide?
All dogs need to chew. It’s a natural instinct. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Especially with puppies, treats like rawhide bones can be a great substitute for your leather shoes and your furniture.

Chewing on rawhide is good for your dogs teeth as plaque gets scraped away, controlling tartar buildup, and maintaining gum health. Chewing reduces bad breath, keeps teeth whiter, and prevents gum disease which, if left untreated, can seriously affect the health of your dog.

It relaxes your pet. For older, less active dogs, rawhide bones and chews are among the best treats you can provide. It gives them a non-destructive outlet to release pent-up energy by letting them do what they love to do, chew!


Where does rawhide come from?
Tanning is the process where leather is treated to preserve it so that the leather will not decompose and can be made into luxury products. A natural hide is too thick to be used for most leather product so a tannery will split the hide into various thicknesses. The inside split, the split closest to the flesh of the animal is where the rawhide comes from. Beside dog chews, rawhide may be used for lower quality leathers, suede or drumkins.


How is rawhide made?
Normally, cattle hides are dehydrated and preserved, usually in salt and shipped from the slaughterhouses to the tannery for processing.

An animal hide is cleaned on the inside to remove any remaining membranes and flesh with scrapers, knives or nowadays often mechanically. The upper side will then have the hair removed usually by using an Ash-Lye solution or a Lime solution. The hide will usually soak for approximately 3 days in the solution then scraped clean. This process may be repeated until completely clean.

This process is highly caustic therefor the hide needs to be washed, often in bleach to remove all the caustic and sanitise the hide.

To remove all traces of the lime solution and to sanitize the rawhide, commercial makers then rinse the hides in a bleach solution. The commercially useful hides then continue through the tanning process while the rawhide for doggy chews does not.

Good quality, rawhide manufacturers, usually transport these hides in refrigerated trucks to the wharehouse. The rawhide chew shape is created while the hide is still wet. The chews are then dried.