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Fokker, +Fresh Meat, 2.5 kg

Fokker +Fresh Meat is a high premium dog food for adult dogs containing 35% chicken, no less than 20% of which is fresh. Fokker +Fresh meat is completely grain free (0%) and is therefore also gluten (allergy) free. Fokker +Fresh Meat contains sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruits and is therefore healthy and gives protection.
230 EGP
255 EGP

Fokker, Adult, Medium, 2.5 kg

Fokker is a high-premium dog food for adult, medium-sized dog breeds. In order to stay in optimal condition, small dogs require highly digestible food that is rich in energy. Fokker is suitable for dogs with average energy. Fokker is a delicious product that your dog will absolutely love.
135 EGP
150 EGP

Fokker, Puppy Junior Large, 4.5 kg

Fokker is a high-premium dog food for young, large to very large-breed dogs. The intelligent selection of ingredients guarantees steady skeletal growth, which can prevent growing pains. In addition, the development of strong muscles is vital for an energetic and playful puppy. Feed Fokker to dogs aged up to 12 months.
280 EGP
310 EGP

Fokker, Puppy Junior Medium, Starter 2.5 kg

Fokker Puppy/Junior M is a high premium dog food for young dogs with an adult weight from 10-30 kg. This intelligent blend of ingredients guarantees steady growth. The development of healthy bones and strong muscles results in an energetic and playful puppy. Norwegian salmon oil supports healthy skin and a glossy coat. Until the age of 12 months.
198 EGP
220 EGP