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Pet Dog, Poop Bag, Tail Holder Poo Pack, Large

270 EGP
Product Description
Pet Dog Poop Bag Tail Holder Poo Pack Clip Waste Picker 30 Pack Bags No hurt and anti-off. And the dog even no feeling.
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Products specifications
Pet Kind
Product Description

1. Soft: The dog poop collector comes with soft silicone pad, which is comfortable and lightweight for your dog’s tail.
No hurt and anti-off. And the dog even no feeling.

2. Convenient: The poop will fall into the collection bag. No need to running around with the Pick Up, avoid unexpected embarrassment. Disposable bags is more convenient, you can replace whenever and wherever.

3. Lightweight: Small size , dog friendly, they will not even feel it. And so you could put it in pocket and carry to anywhere you want.

4. Easy to Use: When the collection bag is full, you just have to take the clip off and press the button and the bag will drop to the bin. No mess, no bending, no scooping, no touching.

How to use?
1. Install the poop bag on the clip;
2. Clip on your dog's tail and put the bags close to dog's buttocks;
3. Wait until the dog finishing;
4. Take the clip off and press the button until the waste bag drop to the bin.
5. Walk your lovely dog happily.

Notice for first use:
1. If dog thrown tail, turn circle, sit down refused to go, rub and so on. At that time should be stopped, first remove the clip, to appease the dog and then clip again before they poop.
2. Open the clip to place the dog tail, if the dog's tail hangs hard, please lift the dog's tail, the clip must be clipped close to the dog's tail root.

*30 Pack Bags