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PetSafe, Clicker Training

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Proven Training Principles You can repeat positive behaviors that lead to rewards. Step-by-step training guide included Comfortable & Responsive Easy to hold. Raised button prevents missed clicks. Stainless clicker won’t rust.
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Product Description

Why Use a Click Sound Instead of Your Voice?

Using a consistent sound has several benefits over a spoken word when teaching your dog a new behaviour.
The sound is unique. It is only made when your dog does something you like, unlike your voice which may be used to communicate a variety of things.

The sound is consistent. It sounds the same every time and has the same meaning - you’ve made the right choice and are about to be rewarded - every time. Our voice can say the same word in very different ways and often does due to our emotions and meaning.

The sound is clear. We often string many words together like, “Oh, what a good doggie!” making it difficult or impossible for an animal to know exactly what behaviour you liked.

The sound is precise. The accuracy of the click improves our timing and marks the exact moment your dog does something you like. It can mark the smallest and most subtle behaviours like a glance or turn of the head.