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Puppy Trainer, Spray, for indoor and outdoor use

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Product Description
Keep house breaking simple and easy with the Puppy Training Spray. The unique pheremone scent will attract and encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. A useful aid for housetraining puppies.
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Products specifications
Product Description


A useful aid for housetraining puppies
Toilet Training Spray is specially formulated to help train puppies and dogs to urinate in appropriate areas.
The natural formulation contains essential oils which act like pheromones to help keep your puppy returning to the same area  to urinate .
The essential oils leave a calming fragrance in toilet areas and create a calming and stress-free training experience.


How to use the spray

Spray on to pad , from a distance of about 15cm.
Spray frequently and place the puppy on the spray area regularly,especially after awakening.
Feeding or playing so that it can relieve itself.



Place the puppy pad where your pet feels most comfortable but away from pet bedding food and water.
Keep the pad in the same location so that your pet does not get confused