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SaniCat, Classic, 10 L

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Product Description
Sanicat Classic is the perfect litter for pet owners and cats that like natural products, without perfumes or additives. Its effective absorption guarantees an optimal control of odours that helps make cats feel like they are in their natural environment.
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Products specifications
Sani Cat
United Kingdom
Product Description

Non-clumping Sanicat Classic is made from 100% natural sepiolite, known for its ultra absorbent qualities and ability to reliably take on liquids. This helps to keep unpleasant odours contained and provide long-lasting protection against smells throughout your household.
Sanicat Classic is particularly absorbent, making it a great choice for reliable hygiene. This cat litter contains no artificial additives or scents, meaning it is well accepted by most cats. It is also easy to use, with no clumps to be removed each day. Waste can be removed as your desire and you should only need to change your Sanicat Classic cat litter about once per week.

Sanicat Classic at a glance:

100% natural, non-clumping cat litter
Ultra absorbency strength: made from 100% sepiolite, a natural mineral known to be extremely absorbent and great at keeping unpleasant odours at bay
Free from artificial additives or scents: making it well accepted by cats as well as kind to human noses!
Long-lasting odour control: offering the optimum in hygiene
Easy to use: no need for daily removal of clumps
Entirely natural product that is kind on paws